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Product description :

The product is manufactured in our workshops in France using the most resistant materials on the market. At the rear, four reinforced handles enable you to safely hold an individual trying to struggle. Two rings are attached to the holding straps for discreet transport.

Depending on the model, the open dimension can measure between 150 and 170 cm in length and between 50 and 70 cm in height. The product can be folded in several ways and carried on the shoulder. The various models are identified by an additional "Mark" reference added to their trade name, as well as a model number (I, II, III, etc.). For example: "Mark I", "Mark II" or "Mark III" interpellation vest, depending on finish.

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The product offers effective, unplanned immobilization, while reducing the potential risks for the person concerned.

This product has been developed for easy use by various services such as the police, the gendarmerie, the armed forces, private security companies, psychiatric hospitals, firefighters, and any other organization that needs to temporarily restrain a person for their own safety or the safety of others.

Implementation :

To use the vest, open it, insert your hands into the side slots and discreetly approach the target from behind. Simply close the vest, wrapping it as tightly as possible around the body. You then quickly slide your hands over the straps and hold the individual immobilized. This method makes it easier and safer to put the person on the ground or hold them upright.

About the fabrication ?

The military-grade Velcro ensures a secure and resilient fit, while strategically placed reinforced stitching enhances durability during apprehension scenarios. Our commitment to excellence ensures that this jacket exceeds the highest standards in law enforcement apparel.