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Electric pulse gun
What is a EPG ?

The Electrical Pulse Gun (EPG is an incapcitating weapon

The Rise of EPGs in Law Enforcement

Electric Pulse Guns, commonly referred to as EPGs, represent a transformative leap in non-lethal force options for law enforcement. These devices utilize electric pulses to incapacitate suspects temporarily, offering an alternative to traditional methods while prioritizing safety.

Safety First:

One of the key concerns in non-lethal force technology is its impact on human safety. EPG's address this concern with a safety current of less than 2mA, conforming to international standards. The inclusion of a safety switch with a visible green mark ensures officers can cut off the device at any time, prioritizing safety during usage.

electrical pulse gun

EPGs are designed with advanced features such as the ARC Switch, back-up shot capability, and a rechargeable battery system.

ARC Switch and Tactical Flexibility: The ARC Switch on Husha’s EPGs provides law enforcement officers with unparalleled tactical flexibility. With the ability to control the electric shock activation, officers can adapt to diverse situations, choosing between immediate discharge, short bursts, or extended manual activation. This versatility ensures the EPG is a reliable tool in a variety of scenarios.

Reliability with Back-up Shot: In high-pressure situations, having a reliable back-up option can be a game-changer. Husha’s EPGs offer an immediately available back-up shot, minimizing the risk of failure and enhancing the overall reliability of the device.

Rechargeable Battery System: Husha recognizes the importance of sustainability and long-term cost-effectiveness. Their EPGs are equipped with a rechargeable battery system, providing an eco-friendly alternative while maintaining optimal performance. This feature ensures that law enforcement agencies can rely on their EPGs for extended periods without compromising on power.